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Company profile

Company Name Osaka hikari Co.,Ltd

2-6-5-10F, HigashiTenma Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
West japan railway company Tozai-line
Osaka Tenman-gu Station #1 Exit, 2-minute walk

TEL +81-(0)6-6353-2100  switchboard number
+81-(0)6-6353-2103  Sales Department 1
+81-(0)6-6353-2104  Sales Department 2
+81-(0)6-6353-2105  Sales Department 3
FAX 06-6353-2110
E-mail address info@o-hikari.co.jp
Representative Representative directorHayato Sato
Capital Fund 50 million yen
Founded March 1, 1983
Contents of Business
  1. Steel secondary product sales and engineering
  2. Bridge material and Road material sales and engineering
  3. Elevator and lift sales
  4. Mine, Tunnel devices and supplies sales
  5. Dioxin, Asbestos, UPZ Measures sales and lease
  6. Environment-conscious anti-freezing devices and chemicals sales and lease
  7. Natural disaster countermeasure products sales
  8. Office, Lodge, Supervisor Office sales and lease
  9. Construction equipments, Working-environment-conscious devices sales and lease
  10. Safety goods, Security system sales and lease
Main Customer
Government office
Osaka Prefectural Road Public Corporation
Kyoto prefecture
Local governments
Energy company
Electronic power company, Oil company
Transportation company
Railway company
Other companies
Ship-building, Heavy machinery, Steel company
Plant maker, Machinery maker
Engineering, Constructing Company
Electric working company, Telecommunication-related working company
Pharmaceutical company,
incorporated medical institution, incorporated educational institution
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Co.,Ltd.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Co.,Ltd.
The Nanto Bank, Co.,Ltd.
Resona Bank, Co.,Ltd.
Construction license license from the governor of Osaka Prefecture special construction license 22 – 73104, ordinary construction license 22 – 73104
Licensed category of business Construction engineering, Scaffolding and Earthwork, Masonry, Steel Structure, Telecommunication

Corporate History

1957 August Hikari Kougyou Co.,Ltd.(established in 1938) established Osaka Satellite Office as the stronghold for sales in west of Osaka.
1965 March Promoted to Osaka Business Office.
1978 March Promoted to Osaka Brunch Office.
1983 March Osaka Hikari Kougyou Co.,Ltd. was established.
(Succeeding all Rights and Obligations from Hikari Kougyou Osaka Brunch Office)
1995 November Company name changed to Osaka hikari Co.,Ltd.
Company head office relocated to the present location.
2015 April Company head office relocated to 2-6-5, HigashiTenma Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan.

Corporate Philosophy

Japan of course and the World is also changing its situation toward more pleasant and prosperous environment.

In such a large movement, Osaka Hikari has developed and operated business for half a century.

From the perspective of customers first, we have continued “the right person and the right items for the right place” products-providing.

We promise that, as a networking company connecting human-to-human, company-to-human, company-to-company, we will keep showing our great ability for better society and better global environment.