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ROPES (Steel/Fiber)

From slinging ligaments to long land bridges, we satisfy your needs including technical suggestions.

Wire Ropes

We provide wire ropes for a various customers in all fields, mainly ropes for various cranes and floodgates. We have fostered knowledge and experiment through our marketing.

  • For cranes (Cable Crane, Container Crane, RTG)

    IWRC6×Fi(29),6×WS(36), deformed wire etc.

  • Dam Floodgate

    6×37,6×WS(36),SUS rope etc.

  • Others

    We sell slinging ligaments for special purpose (For Vibration control device, Gasholder etc.) and various ropes singly.

Fiber Ropes

  • Mooring ligaments

    We turn over wide range commodities such as Regular rope, Cross rope, Doubler, Southern Cross rope etc.

  • Webbing slings, Nylon slings

    We could supply the products for slinging, heavy load transportation and the other special purpose.

  • High-techlon Rope

    This is a high mighty and high elastic fiber rope manufactured by TESAC Wire Rope co., ltd. We will lay it all out in each case.