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Eco-friendly anti-freeze agents

Excellent fast-acting and sustainable Acetic acid anti freeze agents and spraying equipments that is good to the global environment.

Automatic sprinklers

Auto Kamag JET
The industry’s first stationary automatic sprinkler with nozzle injection system sprays anti-freezing agent.
Auto Kamag JET (separated nozzle type)
It is possible to spray in a distant place by separating the body and the spray nozzle.
Auto Kamag JET (mini type)
As a mini type, Auto kamag Jet lined up with affordable specification.
Auto Magma JET (solar type)
The Auto Kamag Jet is an epoch-making invention because it drives with a solar battery and remains its basic performance.

Anti-freeze agents

Potassium acetate

“Kamag” which is the environmentally-friendly [liquid] anti-freezing agent can work quickly and persistently.

Sodium Acetate

It’s a granular anti-freezing agent based on sodium acetate.