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Mine・Tunnel・Civil engineering goods

Mine・Tunnel・Civil engineering goods
From standard rebars to processed rebars for foundation.

Relay rod (Daido Steel Co., Ltd.)

With many years of research and developments, this rod has high mechanical strengths and high tenacity to contribute to the reduction of costs in the field.
We always have a variety of shapes, screws and sizes stocked in our Osaka and Fukuoka commercial warehouse.

Bit (Mitsubishi Materials)

As based on carbide technology of Mitsubishi Materials, they are high strength with long life tools for bedrock perforation.
In addition to the button bit and the cross bit, we also have a stock of various special bits.

Shank rod・sleeve (Tachibana Kouki)

Supported by Tachibana’s long experiences and achievements, we provide a variety of high quality products.

Electricity・Civil Engineering Basic Materials

We provide all basic materials. For example, Materials of Foundation rebar for electricity engineering (high voltage transmission line steel tower), and for civil engineering, Processing, sheeting for shoring, sheet pile, liner plate and all basic materials.