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Bridges and Roads

We offer you the right social infrastructure products in the right place.

Safeguard of collapse of a bridge

The Safeguard of collapse of a bridge manufactured by SE,ltd. is an excellent device that it can cordon off travel based on the specifications for highway bridges and absorb devastating shocks of earthquake and follow a bridge-axial-orthogonal direction.

Fall prevention fencing, Sound insulation wall

With unification and accordance with road environment, our sound poof goods, keep out fencing and fall prevention fencing create comforting spaces. Along with that we offer a lot of various products which respond to conditions of road environment and weather.

Guardrail, Fencing

We offer wide-range of fencing and guard fencing, materials for park facilities mainly. Furthermore, we offer highly-functional and aesthetic products which will be in harmony with any environments.

Metalworking goods

We provide with wide-range, small lot, low cost. Not only regular goods but also we meet your demands for offering technical proposal which is under developing.