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Crime prevention system suitable for offices, warehouses, houses

Offensive Difense. “Prevent a crime” is the most important point for security houses.It is same to preventing diseases BEFORE you get them by improving your constitution, NOT AFTER you get them.
To keep safety, “Prevention” is the most important. In order to protect your family’s life and property from thieves, incendiary fire, robbery, we suggest “making untargeted environment” solution with our safety items.

Constructing signboards, safety signs, LED notice board


We have necessary items for construction sites.
We are able to produce signboards.

protective items(Helmet, Safety belt)

We have various Helmets and Safety belts.
We can print name of your company on helmets.

Anti-heatstroke goods

We have various Anti-heatstroke goods essential for summer.

Folding gate, Stepladder, Rolling tower

We have various sizes of Folding gates, Stepladders, and Rolling towers

Emergency Supplies

Emergency Carry Bag

We have various supplies in case of emergency.