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Preventive products against natural disaster.

Countermeasures against flood and mudslide caused by unusual weather.
Countermeasures against liquefaction caused by urban earthquake hazards.

Flood Coutermeasure

The Guardban (Aluminum simple flip-up waterproofing board)

In the case of emergency flood, the Guardban plays its role.
You can set it up just in 20 seconds and 2 actions.
It is moderate in price because it doesn't need any excess props.
You can use the Guardban in a newly-built house and also in an already-built house.

Countermeasure against a steep slope

EP pressure plate for a rock-bolt (resin) NETIS registration number TH-110011-A

This plate utilizes recycled-plastic and waste material. It is lighter than iron pressure plate therefore it is efficient for execution. And it does not need large machinery.
Plants are able to put down roots to the ground directly through the hole of this pressure plate.

Countermeasure against liquefaction

NSW-01 Floating-prevention Simple Engineering Technique Patent Pending

In The Great East Japan Earthquake, liquefaction of the ground caused floating up of manholes. It brought about sewage obstacles and blocking car traffics. NSW-01 is able to prevent these troubles.