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Dioxin・Asbestos・UPZ Emergency Measures

We totally support from protective equipments to mechanical devices.

Chemical protection suits

Tyvek SoftWear・other
We provide Chemical protection suits which is compatible in a variety of applications as dirty work, dioxin, asbestos, pandemic influenza, infectious diseases, etc.

Dust gas mask.

Masks differ with different specifications depending on the work environment.
We have a variety of stock as Koken, Shigematsu, etc.

Dust collector・Air shower・Vacuum cleaner

It is important to make the work environment based in laws and regulations.
We have various stocks of the best dust collectors and air showers according to the environment.

Oxygen concentration analyzer・Gas detector・Dust meter

It is important to understand the work environment.
In addition, the pictures are a part of the examples, we are handling with instruments in general, please feel free to contact us.